Instructions for summary of poster preparation

1. Summary format

Please prepare your presentation summary as follows.

 (i) Paper size: A4
(ii) Paper alignment: Vertical
(iii) Text direction: Horizontal
(iv) Number of characters per line: 25 Characters × 2 Columns for Japanese, 53 Characters × 1 Column for English
(v) Number of lines per page: 46 lines for Japanese, 52 lines for English
(vi) Typographical font: Times New Roman
(vii) Font size: 9 point for main text
(viii) Margins: Top 30 mm, bottom 20 mm, left 20 mm, and right 20 mm

2. Presentation summary

The page limit is 2 pages.

The first page should contain the Title of the presentation and names of the authors (if multiple authors are listed, place a ○ in front of the presenting author’s name). The title should be placed in the center of the first line (size, 12 point; font, Times New Roman) and the sub-title should be in the center of the second line (size, 10.5 point; font, Times New Roman). If there is no sub-title, please leave the second line blank. Names of authors should be listed on the third line and justified to the right. Lines 5 to 10 should be used for the English abstract (100-word limit). The last four lines in page 1 should be used for listing keywords (English) and the authors’ affiliation(s) (English). The second page should be used for the main text and any references cited (any format is acceptable). For topics that have already been presented elsewhere, please indicate this with a “Note:” and give specifics in the references section. Example) Note: This report is reconstituted based on a previous presentation at ○○ (year).

3. Figures and tables

Please try to use 7.0 point or larger font size for all characters in figures and tables. Number and title should be given below each figure and above each table.