Spring Conference Guidelines for Application for Research Presentation

Guidelines for Application for Research Presentation at Spring Conference 2022

Academic Committee of ARP

    We invite applications for presentation at the Spring Conference in 2021. We look forward to your participation in this conference.

Presentation format

The poster presentation will be held online. Applicants prepare your poster according to the Poster preparation guidelines, and send the PDF file via Email by 11th April, 2022.

 How to apply

1. Application procedures

      • Please prepare your summary and fill in the application form.

      • The summary should be made according to the “Instructions for summary preparation”. Once your summary is ready, please convert the files to PDF; the PDF file should be renamed “Name of presenter + genkou

      • Once you fill in the application form, please rename the file to “Name of presenter + moushi”.

      • Both summary and application should be sent to the Academic Committee (arp_academic&rural-planning.jp (Replace & with @)) via email by 18th Februrary, 2022. After submission of both files, you will receive the confirmation email from the Academic Committee.

      • The presenters will be required to prepare and send the poster data (PDF) by 11th April, 2022.

NOTE: Presenters are also required to apply for participation in the conference online.

2. Submission and Confirmation

All three files (Summary, Presentation application, Poster) should be sent to the Academic Committee;

Email: arp_academic&rural-planning.jp (Replace & with @)

The Academic Committee will send the confirmation email after receiving the application files. If you do not receive the confirmation email by 25th February, please contact the address above.


3. Qualificaions for presenting

The presenting author (the author who deliver an oral presentation about the poster) and the first author (the first listed among coauthors) must be an individual member of the  Association. The first author and the presenting author of a presentation cannot be the first author and the presenting author of any other presentation. Non-members are allowed to submit a presentation application as the presenting or first author only if they apply for Association’s membership at the time of application for presentation at the conference (please see our website for details on how to apply for membership). Coauthors other than the first author and the presenting author do not have to be members of the Association.


4. Contact information

The Association of Rural Planning, the Academic Committee

Add.: Kinoshita Bldg. 4F, 3-3-3 Kandamisaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061, Japan

E-mail:arp_academic&rural-planning.jp (Please replace & with @)

Additional information

1. Receipt and Acceptance  of manuscript

The Research Committee receives presentation summaries and determines whether or not to accept them for presentation at poster sessions. Presentations can include contents previously presented in the Journal of Rural Planning Association or at scientific conferences except for those presented as posters at previous Spring Conferences of the Association (this must be explicitly stated on the poster and in the presentation summary). The conference program as well as the list of presentation titles and authors, etc. will be published in Volume 40, No. 4 of the Association Journal (to be released in March 2022). The committee will inform you if your application was not accepted.

2. Publication

The digital copy of the Spring Conference Academic Research Presentation Abstracts will be able to download via our website.

3. Award

Since fiscal 2001, a “Poster Award” has been given to authors of selected poster presentations. For further details, please see Award rules. (You do not have to specifically apply for the award. All eligible presentations will be considered.)