~Asian Rural Future 2030~

Asian Rural Future 2030
First Published Online: February 2022, ISBN 978-4-9907507-3-2 C3861
Edited by K. Inoue, I. Saizen, and M. Tokito (The 20th Committee of International Affairs)


    Many Asian countries have experienced rapid economic growth over the past few decades, and we are in a fast-moving society. As a result, well-balanced development between urban and rural areas is not achieved, that is, so many social, environmental, and economic issues can be found in these countries. Especially, rural areas are facing severe issues which can be obstacles to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) setting the goals by 2030.

    This book consists of two parts. The first part is based on the online international symposium entitled “Asian Rural Future 2030” held on September 28, 2021, organized by the Association of Rural Planning (ARP), where four researchers from four Asian countries, which are Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam, presented what is currently going on around/in the rural areas of these countries and consider actual actions needed by 2030. The second part is series of the research articles by researchers who have a close relationship with ARP and some of them presented their researches at the online international seminar held on February 27, 2021. These researches are treating social, environmental, and economic issues which rural areas are facing and the target study areas are Japan, China, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Treating domestic and international topics in rural areas, readers would be able to get extensive knowledge through this book.

PART 1: Asian Rural Future 2030 – Country Reports –

1. Vietnam Agriculture and Rural: Current & Future Vision
(Le Van An, Vietnam)

2. Making Rural Areas as Growth Centers in The Era of Covid-19 and Beyond: Indonesia Case
(Ernan Rustiadi, Indonesia)

3. Issues and Alternatives for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas in Korea
(SeungJong Bae, Korea)

4. The Philippines and its Strategies in Achieving Inclusive Growth and Resilient Communities
(Cristino L. Tiburan Jr., Philippines)


PART 2: Research Articles and Discussions

5. A Study on Energy Poverty in Myanmar—Result from the Myanmar survey in 2018
(Midori Aoyagi)

6. Suburban Development and Its Effects on Ecological Landscape: A case study of Jiangsu Province from 1998 to 2018, China
(Yasi Tian and Lei Wang)

7. The Impact of Plantation Forestry Development on the Local Environment and Livelihood: Current State and Perspectives of Rural Areas in Central Vietnam
(Minori Tokito)

8. Community Design for Ensuring Sustainable and Endogenous Community Development: A case of ethnic minority communities of remote mountainous area in Vietnam
(Thi Thu Oanh Tran, Thi My Hoa Do, Nobuko Otsuki, and Kako Inoue)

9. A Study of Travel Motivations and Preferences of Urban Residents for “Countryside Stay” in Japan
(Saki Satoh and Kohei Yagi)

10. Why culture matters—Analysis and social meaning of a famed festival in Aso, Japan
(Johannes Wilhelm)

11. Rethinking Asian Rural Paths: Exploring Risk-Responsive Rural Living in the Context of Compressed Development
(Kako Inoue)

~Proceedings of 2017 Japan-Korea Rural Planning Seminar: Resilience and Sustainability of Rural Areas~

First Published Online: February 2018, ISBN 978-4-9907507-2-5 C3861
Edited by Committee of International Affairs (18th)

~Proceedings of 2015 Japan-Korea Rural Planning Seminar~

First Published Online: December 2015, ISBN 978-4-9907507-1-8 C3861
Edited by Committee of International Affairs (17th)
(Supported by JSPS and National Research Foundation of Korea under the Japan-Korea Scientific Cooperation Program.)